LUISS Carpooling: sharing and efficiency

carpooling-1Since last Monday, a new platform for riding together is available online. It will allow professors, students and staff of LUISS to share an itinerary and ride together by car, impacting significantly less on the environment.

The initiative LUISS Carpooling lies within our mission for a green university. Being “green” seems to be a necessity our students pay great attention to, and it actually represents a lifestyle, not just a bunch of temporary and isolated behaviours.

We estimated that 93% of people who drive a car usually does it alone. At the same time, 83% of our students believes in a green university and a slightly smaller percentage of them is interested in sharing a car with people who are doing the same route.

The outcome was to think to a way of partnering all those needs, trying in the meantime to help students to develop a greater attention to the environment and to the best practices of sharing, for a timely and dynamic education.

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