Is my course good value for money?

orientamento-universitario-laboratorio-giovaniA recent survey for BBC suggested that four in 10 students do not believe their courses have been good value for money. Recently, the tuition for UK universities trebled, to respond properly to the higher demands of students.

However, considering the greater cost for education, one in eight students said they would still go to university if they had to make the decision again, but would study a different course, more related to the job market – according to the survey.

As long as our university system differs from the UK model, the number of students who changed their mind about their choice is still fundamental in our country.

According to the data presented on the newspaper Sole 24 Ore, 18 in 100 students change their mind about their course one year after enrolling, and the number increases to 27 after three years – nearly one third. Instead, one high school graduate in two would have chosen another school.

Our counselling system should reflect the student’s path, and should follow through far before the last year of high school. A good counselling is the one which starts even in middle and elementary school, grasping the attitudes and passions of students, to suggest them the most convenient and conscious path, they will never change their mind about.

This is why we launched our Summer School, with a drop out rate of 2%, compared to the national rate of 18%.

University counselling is a route which starts far in advance, examines attitudes and interests, and helps elaborating conscious decisions to be satisfied of.

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