Understanding Generation Z

The so-called Generation Z is the one of youngsters aged 16-18. A generation not easily understandable, and fleeing. The generation of crisis, of uncertainty, but also of perseverance in trying to achieve their targets at all costs. The one that seems fleeing because it runs too fast.

Altitude Strategy researched and observed them to listen to them and try to understand their needs, ending up in stating that Gen Z is influenced by three main factors:

  • Growing up digital. The word “digital” is meaningless to them because digital has been the norm since they were small children. At the same time,
there is a conscious desire to keep technology at arm’s length, so that it is available for them to achieve their goals;
  • Living in uncertainty. They have little memory of what happened before 9/11, and even less before the financial crisis of 2008. So far, they have never known a world without a crisis, therefore what they are mostly looking for is clarity and predictability of the years ahead;
  • Gen X parents. Their parents, more than before, passed on their children pragmatism and the desire for self-reliance, as a result of their experiences in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the years of an exponential and quick growth – and as quick revolutions.

We are talking about the same young people that are now approaching our Summer School, and those who have just enrolled their first academic year, to start in a bunch of weeks. It is important to understand them without judging, and to investigate the best ways to make them unleash their abilities, making the most of their fresh and dynamic energy, to make their ambitions real.

If it is true, as Altitude’s report reads, that 78% of Gen Z are worried there won’t be good jobs when they graduate, it is the duty of our generation, the older one, to create the conditions for this data to diminish.

To understand change is not always easy task, but picking it is mandatory.

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