The #taboo of jobs: tonight at the festival Ponza d’Autore

24-Home_01Tonight I will be speaking at Ponza d’Autore, a cultural project conceived by the writer and journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi, to let the floor to those who bring new ideas, experiences, knowledge and culture.

The festival D’Autore started in Ponza in 2009, to become over years a big lab, in which to interpret the change of our country and of the international context. The island hosts Ponza d’autore since 2009, in order to create a time for culture on the island. Over years, many important people have been on the stage and many topics have been discussed, creating a lab in which to understand the change in our country.

Many topics will be discussed in these days of debates: information, jobs, family, different abilities…

Tonight, we will be discussing the #taboo of jobs with the Minister Poletti, interviewed by the journalist David Parenzo. It will be an occasion to share ideas on the challenges of our time and the ways we can overcome them effectively.

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