LUISS at a app’s touch

Gianluca Monteleone e studenteYesterday the new LUISSapp was launched in viale Romania, a platform that allows students to have the whole LUISS world at the swipe of a finger.

The LUISS app is a content driver that covers personal information, cannot-miss events, course calendars, exam schedules, study appointments, and the cafeteria menu, all in real time. The applications helps students save time and manage their day in a smart way, with functions to optimize time and resources and improve campus life.

It is an integrated tool available at one touch, to give students the best informational portfolio within the University.

LUISS’ strategy is connectivity at all costs. Every departments, courses or branch shall work as a meshed structure, a network, and students are required to be the necessary fuel to move the engine.

The LUISS app is available for iOS and Android on the App Store and Google Play. Rettore Egidi e Gianluca Monteleone      Direttore Lo Storto

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