Flaminia, LUISS student, prized in Macau as the best delegate

2-88694296-300x200.jpgLast weekend, on 27th and 28th November, the European Union Macau Model 2015 took place at the University of Macau, in China. Flaminia Romoli Venturi, a student of Political Science at LUISS, was there prized as the best delegate.

This event was a simulation of a summit of the European Council on the management of flows of refugees in Europe. A role play that involved students as delegates of the member states, to discuss and negotiate on the themes of immigration, management of refugees and cooperation among states. The participants were 56 students, chosen among 6 different universities in Macao. 12 nationalities confronted each other on the topic, 5 of them from Europe.

It was an important occasion for discussing not just about practice – as for the simulation -, rather about culture. Indeed, Flaminia needed to deal with the Chinese culture, which is dramatically different from the Western one in approaching negotiations, and to rethink the methods for negotiation from scratch.

Rethinking the ways to act, however, often takes faster – and better – to results, as in the case of Flaminia and of the many other LUISS students, distinguished in several simulations of institutional activities.

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