The disruptive mindset

488719341One century ago, on November 28th 1915, Albert Einstein presented his theory of relativity, to be published a few days later, on December 2nd that year.

One year ago, on November 26th 2014, LUISS inaugurated the community garden, a real training school in solidarity and alternative learning, that brought unique results for the students’ education.

Yesterday, on November 30th 2015, the UN conference on climate change started in Paris.

How is the world changing now? Or, how is our perspective of the world changing, based on disruptive events? The theory of relativity disrupted the scientific thinking of the 20th century, showing that what was considered inconceivable was actually possible and real. The conference on climate change started off yesterday is a warning for each of us to think about how we are respecting the ecosystem we belong to. The garden is a mean for LUISS to deliver awareness of that.

Ubuntu is an expression in bantu language that indicates “kindness to others”. It is a lifestyle based on compassion, and respect of others. Recalling Ubuntu, it is commonly said Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu, “I am what I am since we all are”. Ultimately, it is a philosophy that maintains the intrinsic interconnection between all human beings, in the attempt of cooperating to collective good, before achieving personal realisation.

Nelson Mandela used to say:

«Someone who travels through our country and stops in a village does not need to ask for food or water: immediately people will offer some food and entertain him. Well, this is an aspect of Ubuntu, but there is more. Ubuntu does not mean thinking for ourselves; it rather means to ask ourselves: are we willing to help the community around to prosper?»

The daily work in a university is to help students to find their own path, the one in which they are able to change the game, to put together a brick after the other and build a castle, to jump upon the walls and glance at the horizon, to step on unexplored paths and to show the road to those who come forward. It is about habits to be continuously nurtured and fostered, to become beyonders, and a bit Ubuntu too.

Are we ready to discover a new theory of relativity?

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