If you could be any age, what age would you be?

If you could be any age, what age would you be? This question, as in this video, was asked to fifty people, aged 5 to 80, and answers were surprisingly interesting.

A little girl would like to be twenty to be able to work on a computer and the man in his forties wish he was twenty again, but seemingly no one would choose to be his/her own age. Only a few people were happy in their age, having treasured the beauty of every time of their life.

There is always a tendency to look for something different, something more or something better. To dream of living in someone else’s shoes, or in another time, or somewhere else.

The border between the aim for something better and the aim for something impossible (such as wishing to be younger) is often blurry. Trying to always have more and better, even going beyond what is reasonable, makes us lose sight of what we already have. Worse, it keeps us from appreciating and making the most of it.

“Embrace your life as it is today”, a woman in the video says. She regrets having run too fast through life, wishing to be older or better established, and now she has blurred memories of some parts of her life.

“Some may think that 80 is the autumn of life, but just think how beautiful autumn is!”, a smiling 80-years-old woman says, happy to be her age.

The aim for a large education, one that fills time with sense and experience and expands it, without necessarily stretching it, is to share with young people in their twenties, those who live university now, the same mentality; to share the profound sense of accepting the present, being able to make the most of it and to look at the future with a confident, but aware, hope.

Trust is the engine of the economy and the gas pedal to push to speed up the individual and social future. Awareness, which should always stay on her side, is the brake lever that helps us stopping a few seconds before a crossroads, thinking and eventually taking the right path.


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