The world in one second

22-Social-Media-Facts-and-Statistics-You-Should-Know-in-2014.jpgStats in real time are incredibly fascinating and extremely scary at the same time. Some websites, such as  Worldometers e Internet Live Stats, actually show our lives in real time and in figures.

It is impressing how many things happen in the world in only one second.

There is a daily exponential growth in the number of websites, of social users (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), of sold tablets and smartphones, and the posts shared on blogs. The number of websites hacked today exceeds 60,000 and this figure increases at the pace of approximately one per second.

Of course, the tons of CO2 emissions from the Internet grow accordingly. From January 2016 on, over 624 million tons of CO2 were emitted only due to the Internet and the electric consumption that followed.

In principle, over 22 billions tons of CO2 were emitted this year. This number is discouraging, considering that it goes along with the over 3 million hectares of forest loss this year and the 7 million hectares of desertification.

One of the most interesting data, though, concerns the energetic resources available.

Worldometers states that there are only 13,636 days left (approximately 37 years), at the current rates of consumption, to the end of oil, and 59 thousands days to the end of gas (160 years).

This means that we urgently need to divert the direction of our economies. We should become more sustainable, take up the challenge and preserve the future of the planet our grandchildren will live in. To achieve this, we should start from education first.

LUISS started long ago to include sustainability among the pillars of its educational mission, but this is still not enough. It is not enough that an institution, whether big or small, adopts a fair behaviour if the people that live it every day do not embrace the same values.

Our job, as a university and a social reality, is to invest in students first. It is a collective mission, which needs the contribution of everyone so that the young people today will have the opportunities they look for in a more sustainable way.

Because all this will soon be theirs, exclusively.

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