Sustainable eating: a new course in LUISS to learn sustainability, even with food

well-beingAwareness. Aware living, aware eating.

It was after a reflection upon this concept that we decided to inaugurate a 40-hours course on well-being in LUISS, open to bachelor and single cycle students. This is a very innovative project, which embodies the evolution of the idea that led us to create a few years ago the space for a shared garden in the viale Romania campus.

The future has some key words: sharing, awareness, respect, sustainability.

Our planet shows already evident signs of suffering, due to the high rates of consumption and waste production. Reverting this trend is no longer an option.

We decided to provide our students with a course on sustainable eating because this leaves the room to the message that eating well has a deep impact not just on ourselves, but also on the society.

In LUISS we already made a number of initiatives against waste – and to revert the habit to wasting things – and in favour of respecting the Earth, not just in the garden, but in the whole University. Our scope is to hone students, and future managers, with the most of tools to stimulate their awareness towards what is around them. To turn them into well-prepared professionals, caring for the world they live in.

Under the careful guidance of Sara Farnetti, specialist in nutrition and expert in metabolism disorders, and the creativity of the chef Simone Salvini, one of the most renowned chef in Italy for vegetarian and vegan cuisine, on last 17 January we inaugurated not a mere course with the aim of educating to a healthier and more responsible eating, but a real “survival course” for a world that needs more care. And, why not, even more love.

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