Career Day 2017: companies meet beyonders

Today, the LUISS campus in viale Romania hosted the 21st edition of the Career Day: youth and jobs, the annual meeting with the Human Resources of the most important multinational, Italian and international companies, devoted to the professional orientation and recruiting of students and graduates from LUISS University, which today hosted over 100 firms and startups searching for talents.

The day opened up with a focus on the labour market with the Rector Paola Severino, the Executive Vice President Luigi Serra and the President of the LUISS Alumni Association Daniele Pelli, as well as Maria Carla Liuni, LUISS graduate and Vice President of the sector Global Marketing and Communication of the Bulgari group.

The traditional act of throwing graduation caps followed, along with applauses and the joy of the newly-graduates in Law, Political Science, Business and Management and Economics and Finance.

Great attention was paid to pairing the study programs with the so-called soft skills, from volunteering to experiences abroad, which in LUISS create a pattern of multilateral knowledge that proves useful in a competitive labour market, reinforcing the personality of the candidates.

Figures prove the success of the event: a survey conducted during the past edition of the Career Day showed that 97% of the participating companies recruited at least one candidate through this initiative, and 70% more than two.

Gratifying numbers and energised students, who are more #beyonders than ever. Just like a kid who wants to look further than he normally could, or who disassembles and reassembles his toys to understand how they work, this generation of beyonders is flexible, lean, agile and ready to walk different paths if the beaten one is not available. They are up to serve others without necessarily look for an individual benefit; they persevere, imagine, build ecosystems of growth. They can learn how to look further, and the educational institutions are in charge of facilitating this learning process. This result can be achieved with steady dedication and the capacity to observe: learning to observe, not just to see, leads to identifying necessities and opportunities close to us. The connection among systems (individuals, structures, community) is a condition to achieve the multiplication of impact and results.

Shall we be beyonders?

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