The courage that can challenge fear

ante-coraggio-500x300.jpgTelling pain is everything but an easy task. Even more, living it. There are no words to describe the pain and suffering of the families of the victims, most of whom are kids and teenagers, who lost their lives or are struggling for it right now, yesterday night in Manchester in the horrific, coward and devastating explosion at the end of a pop concert.

As a father of two teenager boys, and as the General Manager of a university in which boys and girls in their 20s are the core of our daily job, I want to express my deep grief and condolences to families and friends, and to all of us.

Today, which is also the 25th anniversary of the Capaci disaster, in which the antimafia magistrate Giovanni Falcone, his wife and the security guards lost their lives in a blast on the highway to Palermo, Sicily. Another explosion, another slaughter.

It is our duty to preserve the memory, to hold our head high and look right in the eyes of those who only want our fear. As brave men and women, because as Falcone said, the important thing is not to determine whether one is frightened or not, rather to live with our fear without being compromised by it. Well, this is courage, otherwise it is no longer courage, but recklessness.

The world does not belong, and never will do, to those who want to infuse fear, but to those who will be able to teach good things and share hope and awareness. It belongs to the young men and women who are able to live with heart and courage.

The battle can be won in the sign of a vaster and more confident social and political unity, if we will be able to touch the consciences of the youngest generations, if we will be able to give them examples and hope (Piersanti Mattarella, former governor of the Sicily Region, killed by mafia).

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