Sustainable eating: a new course in LUISS to learn sustainability, even with food

well-beingAwareness. Aware living, aware eating.

It was after a reflection upon this concept that we decided to inaugurate a 40-hours course on well-being in LUISS, open to bachelor and single cycle students. This is a very innovative project, which embodies the evolution of the idea that led us to create a few years ago the space for a shared garden in the viale Romania campus.

The future has some key words: sharing, awareness, respect, sustainability.

Our planet shows already evident signs of suffering, due to the high rates of consumption and waste production. Reverting this trend is no longer an option. Continue reading

Luca Maestri awarded LUISS Alumnus 2016

“What was your first thought when you were told to be chosen as LUISS Alumnus of the year?” – “That you have very low standards!”

Simplicity. Courage. Target. Humility.

Luca Maestri, awarded last Friday LUISS Alumnus 2016, delivered a message in a perfect Cupertino-style: simple and effective, but dense with significance. Continue reading

The disruptive mindset

488719341One century ago, on November 28th 1915, Albert Einstein presented his theory of relativity, to be published a few days later, on December 2nd that year.

One year ago, on November 26th 2014, LUISS inaugurated the community garden, a real training school in solidarity and alternative learning, that brought unique results for the students’ education.

Yesterday, on November 30th 2015, the UN conference on climate change started in Paris. Continue reading

LUISS Business School has achieved the Equis certification

entrance_luiss_guido_carliLUISS Business School, together with the Department of Business and Management, enters the élite of education having achieved the prestigious  international certification EQUIS, which acknowledges a limited number of Business Schools representing the top 1% of managerial education. This accomplishment grants LUISS Business School and the Department of Business and Management the means to access the main rankings for education, thus acknowledging it with the quality standard that only 150 Schools in the world out of 15 thousand have achieved, making our University a recognised center of excellence for Italy and abroad. Continue reading

Les Bohémiens: fashion and passion made in LUISS

How to get from a law school to owning a fashion house? It happens. And that is what two young entrepreneurs did, Francesco De Falco and Pasquale Vittorio D’Avino, LUISS students of law and founders of the brand Les Bohémiens.

The idea of creating a fashion brand, absolutely Made in Italy and anti-mainstream, chic and alternative, risen on the desks in via Parenzo, has developed disruptively in a few months, with a huge and increasing success, earning important worldwide prizes and a great opening on foreign markets. Continue reading