Erostudente – The desire to go broad


The world has changed and we are enthusiastic witnesses to the transformation. The way we communicate, or do our shopping, or interact in general. It’s a brave new world, but for some reason education has remained stuck at the standard we were used to over a century ago.

Given the vast new scenario, replete with information and notions, one, two or three dimensions of learning within an educational trajectory are no longer enough. We need to maximise every moment, every possible opportunity, all available learning. Making it inclusive, wide, large.

Large, but not lumbering. Nimbly large, astoundingly rich.

We already know we will continue learning for our whole life. Now we need practice, vision, emotions and a hunger for learning. We need an educational model where theory and practice are embedded: lifelong learning evolves into life largelearning, in the sense of a richer, wider, larger learning. That enlarges to host new opportunities and become a prodigious source of growth.

Our youth today are markedly different from those of previous generations. They are more than digital natives. The traditional means of education are no longer enough for those who are ready to be apprentices as opposed to mere students, to welcome hands-on learning and looking for the answers to their questions themselves.

This book offers the perspective of a broader education – at once theoretical and practical, drawing out the less explored skills of our students – and the narrative is by those students who have experienced it for themselves. They got used to humanity, to slowness and to being immersed in diversity, perhaps one of the most arduous exercises for any human being.


In stores from 25 May 2017