Sustainable eating: a new course in LUISS to learn sustainability, even with food

well-beingAwareness. Aware living, aware eating.

It was after a reflection upon this concept that we decided to inaugurate a 40-hours course on well-being in LUISS, open to bachelor and single cycle students. This is a very innovative project, which embodies the evolution of the idea that led us to create a few years ago the space for a shared garden in the viale Romania campus.

The future has some key words: sharing, awareness, respect, sustainability.

Our planet shows already evident signs of suffering, due to the high rates of consumption and waste production. Reverting this trend is no longer an option. Continue reading

Luca Maestri awarded LUISS Alumnus 2016

“What was your first thought when you were told to be chosen as LUISS Alumnus of the year?” – “That you have very low standards!”

Simplicity. Courage. Target. Humility.

Luca Maestri, awarded last Friday LUISS Alumnus 2016, delivered a message in a perfect Cupertino-style: simple and effective, but dense with significance. Continue reading

Paola Severino is the new Rector of LUISS

severino-rettoreYesterday, Monday October 3, 2016, the LUISS Board of Directors, led by President Emma Marcegaglia, nominated Professor Paola Severino to succeed Professor Massimo Egidi as rector of the university until April 2018.

Well-known across the country for her numerous professional successes, Paola Severino has served in several prestigious roles on the institutional level, culminating with her nomination as minister of justice in a crucial moment of Italian history. During her time as a cabinet member, Severino contributed to repairing Italy’s international reputation with a law against corruption and illegality, recognized worldwide as an example of juridical excellence. Continue reading

The art of structured improvisation


Vassilij Kandinsky, Improvisation no.8, 1923

Already in 2014, Wired highlighted the importance of the years spent at university as a leverage to entrepreneurial success. Still today, and even more today, we can strongly maintain this stance.

Success stories, sometimes stories of great success, of those who have achieved astounding peaks of innovation, although they did not graduate at university (such remarkable cases are, above all, the ones of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs) seemed to have diverted the attention from the importance of the years spent at university. Of course, the attitude to innovation is partly innate, but this “talent” should be nurtured with study and dedication. Continue reading

10 suggestions from Mark Zuckerberg to LUISS students

Mark Zuckerberg, the young founder of Facebook and pioneer of the new digital world, was in Rome yesterday and spoke to students in LUISS, after visiting Pope Francis and the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi.

It was an incredible opportunity and a great inspiration because of the many themes at stake. Pokemon Go, the importance of the origins to achieve success, to emotion in mentioning his daughter; Zuckerberg answered the many questions from students (whether LUISS or not) and those asked by the online community.

Many questions coloured the Aula Chiesa, in a Townhall Q&A that will be difficult to forget. To this extent, I found useful to write up a vademecum to keep clear the inspirations we received in this unforgettable day. Continue reading