New headquarters, new opportunities: LUISS Enlabs grows and gets ready to host more startups

LUISS Enlabs grows up. Last Friday, 8 July, the new headquarters of the accelerator founded after the partnership between LUISS and Enlabs srl in 2013 were inaugurated.

In only three years, the ecosystem around LUISS Enlabs hosted up to 40 startup, which in turn created more than 500 jobs and generated over 20 million euro in revenues from business angels and external investors.

Following the expansion, there will be more than 5,000 square metres available for the accelerator in Rome which, in the historic part inside Termini Station at via Marsala 29h, will be capable of hosting up to 80 startup and will become one of the biggest accelerators in Europe. Continue reading

The happy growth for a changing world

The only happiness resides in growth, or we have always hoped so. Surely, no one feels happy if something decreases or dwindles. Yet, growth has never been an automatic step for humanity, and so is it now. It is our duty to defend and nurture this idea in a sustainable and “happy” way.

Started in Milan, the Festival of Growth will stay in Rome until 19th March and will then move to 11 other cities in Italy during 2016, creating diverse opportunities for debate about how to recognise growth where that is. Continue reading

Wakeuproma: restore urban dignity and “spread” sustainability 12th March, Rome will shine again. The event #wakeuproma is scheduled from 9:00 to 13:00, and it is organised by LUISS Enlabs, together with the association Retake Roma, to clean up the city from vandalisms, writings on the walls, illegal posters and urban decay.

This is going to be the biggest Retake ever. Illegal stickers, posters and signs will be removed from urban structures, restoring their original status, walls will be cleaned and repainted, waste will be swept away. In short, we will retake green spaces and clean big parts of the city. All together. Continue reading